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It was in discussion with Eberle-Devaux that an idea began to coalesce. She said: "Maybe you should visualise the man that is going to wear this watch, the life he leads, how he'll wear it." And immediately I was struck with the idea of creating the ultimate Riviera chic chronograph for The Rake. The Rake is a man that loves style. A friend of Agnelli's, Taki Theodoracopulos, recalls: "Gianni cared immensely about style - things had to be done the right way. His one great fear was lacking style. Everything had to be done stylishly. And that's a big fear when you think of it, you know, to always get it right, instead of saying: 'Oh,Blancpain Replica Watches fuck it!' once in a while. He was very concerned with that, which I think is a great burden. He kept you there in awe. He had to keep up the image and mystique." Immediately I thought of the signature flourish of our Carrera being the minute sub-dial counter which is divided into three 10-minute sections as in the Skipper. But, if it was up to a man like Agnelli, hewould compel the colours of the dial to complement rather than contrast while still remaining distinct.

Blancpain Replica Watches Product Director MarcWalti - who led the charge ontheproject - and I also decided not tocall the watch a "Skipper" as it lacked the 5-minute segments in the minute counter that are normally associated with a regatta chronograph. Also, Iverymuch wanted a simple bi-compax (two-counter format) as Ithought the design would be more Zen-reductionist-cool this way.

Gianni Agnelli, one of core protagonist within the 1950s jet set whose lifestyle was resolutely committed to a playboy -- carousing nights, fast cars, an endless string of romances and, naturally, a sprawling mansion on the French Riviera

Living in the Moment

Furthermore, I can't think of any Rake who has more than a passing interest in the date, preferring to live perennially in the moment. While a watch to signal the onset of a discrete tryst would be invaluable. This necessitated a modification of the movement that took a bit longer than anticipated.Rolex Submariner Replica Watches Says Walti: "If the movement is not modified you will have a dead spot when you pull the crown out for where the date adjustment used to be." And that was not acceptable to either of us.

Then came the question of a prevailing colour. It dawned on me the most recurring shade found in The Rake and in particular during our pioneer year of e-commerce where everything we retailed was created uniquely for us, was blue. Our collaboration with Savile Row's most glamorous firm Huntsman involved them weaving a blue nocturnal themed tweed at the oldest mill in Islay for our 1970s themed Colin Hammick homage hacking jacket. Our first shoe collaboration was a hand patina suede Corthay loafer inspired by the palimpsest of blues found in Marc Chagall painting Blue Lovers while our project with my dear friend Giuseppe Santoni yielded a pair of blue suede Santoni camouflage double monkstrapshoes.

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